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grammatical word: personally

Personally Speaking-webuse

Today, I want to go over the word “personally”. We use it when we want to give our opinion about something. This word is used to emphasize the fact that it is our own opinion and not someone else’s. Let me give you some examples of how to use it in sentences.

Most people I know like the actor Nathan Jones but, personally, I don’t like him.

Personally, I find living in a small town to be very enjoyable.

I personally think that Japan is the best country in the world.

My friends love to go dancing but, personally, I don’t enjoy it.

As you can see from my examples, the word “personally” can be placed in various places in the sentence: at the beginning, in the middle or between the words “I” and “think”. Please note that when we put this word in the middle of a sentence, we put commas around it, as in my first and fourth examples.

We can only use this word when talking about our opinion; if we are simply making a statement about something, we cannot use this word.

We usually use this word with verbs such as “think”, “like”, “enjoy” and “find”. In this case, the verb “find” means that we have a certain opinion about something based on our own experience of it. It does not mean that we locate something that we have been looking for.

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