idiom: to jump down someone’s throat


Today, I think it’s time for another idiom, and I’ve chosen another one which is a body idiom: to jump down someone’s throat. This means for someone to get very angry at another person and then yell at them. For example:

I was just five minutes late for work, but my boss just jumped down my throat when I got there.

My wife jumped down my throat  when I got home last night because I forgot our anniversary.

In both of these cases, the boss and the wife were shouting at the person. If someone gets angry but doesn’t shout, we usually don’t use this idiom.

Also, we don’t usually say, “I jumped down my husband’s throat” or things like that. It’s most natural to use this idiom when describing a situation when someone else yells at us, but not when we yell at other people.



  1. nima Said:

    that was a great example.thank you 🙂

  2. rakan Said:

    really I’m appreciate your effort

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