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idiom: to put one’s foot in one’s mouth

foot in mouth

I have another body idiom for you today. As you can tell by now, we have many idioms in English related to our body parts. This time the expression is “to put one’s foot in one’s mouth”. When we are using it in conversation though, we don’t say “one”; instead we replace that with “my”, “your”, “his”, or “her”. We generally don’t use this expression with plural forms such as “our” or “their”.

Anyway, people use this idiom to mean they have said something stupid to another person and insulted them by accident. It’s important to note that it’s always by accident and never on purpose. If we insult someone intentionally, we cannot use this expression. For example:

I was talking to Jim about that woman in the corner and I said she was ugly. I didn’t know she was his wife! God, I really put my foot in my mouth!

A: Have you ever put your foot in your mouth?

B: Yes, one time I met a woman at a party and said that I thought the party was really boring. It turned out she was the hostess! I really put my foot in my mouth! I was so embarrassed!

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