grammatical word: eventually


Today I’d like to talk about an adverb which is commonly used in English: “eventually”. It is used to talk about situations when something will happen at a later time, but we don’t know exactly when it will happen or we choose not to say exactly when it will happen. For example:

Right now I’m working for ABC Company, but eventually I’m going to look for another job.

Right now the economy is bad, but it will improve eventually.

My sister is learning French these days. She’s just a beginner now, but I’m sure she’ll eventually be a very good French speaker.

We can also use this word in past tense sentences to talk about when something happened at a later time than something else. Again, either we don’t know how long it took, or we don’t want to say. For example:

My sister was married for a while, but eventually she got a divorce.

Getting up early was very difficult for me at first, but eventually I got used to it.

My grades in high school were very bad in my first year, but eventually they got better.

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