adjective: crooked


Today I have an adjective for you: “crooked”. It has two meanings:

1. for something to not be straight. For example:

The picture on the wall was crooked, so I straightened it.

I hope my tie isn’t crooked. I want to make a good impression in my job interview.

I used to have crooked teeth, so I got braces when I was younger.

2. for an important person (a high level businessman, a politician, a police officer, etc) to use their position to make money illegally. For example:

It was recently discovered that the vice president of my company is crooked. He’s been stealing money from the company and putting it into a Swiss bank account.

Recently, there’s been a government scandal in which several crooked politicians were caught taking bribes.

There are many crooked cops in the world who will let criminals go if they pay them.

In the examples, there are a couple of words people might not know. The word “bribe” means money that someone pays to an important person in order to influence them, and the word “cop” is a slang word for police officer. We usually say “crooked cop” in English, but it sounds unnatural to say “crooked police officer”.

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