idioms: to drive someone (crazy), (nuts), (up the wall), (around the bend)


Today, I have four idioms for you that mean the same thing: “to drive someone crazy”, “to drive someone nuts”, “to drive someone up the wall”, and “to drive someone around the bend”. They are all used to talk about a person or a situation that really annoys us. For example:

My co-worker is always asking me to help her with her project! She’s really driving me crazy!

It drives me nuts when people cut in line when I’m at a store.

My roommate was driving me up the wall because he was always playing his music really loudly. Eventually, I asked him to move out.

My car is often breaking down when I’m driving. It’s driving me around the bend.

In all of these examples, the person feels extremely annoyed by the person or situation. The last three examples are a little more casual than the first one, “to drive someone crazy”. However, all the expressions are used in casual conversations.


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