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separable phrasal verb: sew up


Today I want to write about the phrasal verb: “sew up”. This expression has two meanings:

1. to close something by sewing it with a needle and thread. For example:

There’s a rip in your shirt. Give it to me and I’ll sew it up for you.

After a four hour operation, the doctor completed the surgery and sewed up his patient.

After four hours, the patient was sewn up by the doctor. (passive voice)

2. for someone to complete a business deal successfully. For example:

I think we can sew up this business deal in a few days. After that, we’ll all be very rich.

This business deal can be sewn up in a few days. (passive voice)

The first meaning of this phrasal verb is very logical, but most people aren’t aware of the second meaning. It is very useful expression for business people who want to talk about completing a business deal. I hope any of my readers who are business people will be able to use it now.

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