separable phrasal verb: pick up (part two)


This is the second entry for the phrasal verb “pick up”. All of the definitions today will be separable, but tomorrow I will conclude with more definitions of “pick up” with intransitive ones. So, let’s get started with part two. I have six more meanings of “pick up” today.

7. to pay a restaurant bill for someone else (usually used with “the tab” or “the check”). For example:

Don’t worry about getting any extra money for tonight. I’m going to pick up the tab.

The check will be picked up by the boss tonight. (passive voice)

8. to learn something through experience. For example:

When I was traveling through France, I picked up a little French.

I don’t know how to use this machine, but I’m sure I can pick it up quickly.

9. to talk to someone in the hopes of a sexual relationship. For example:

A strange guy tried to pick me up in the bar last night. I told him I wasn’t interested.

My friend got picked up by a really handsome guy in the bar last night. (passive voice)

10. for the police to arrest someone. For example:

The police finally picked up the guy who stole my money. I hope he goes to prison for a long time.

The guy who stole my money was finally picked up by the police. (passive voice)

11. for something to give someone more energy. For example:

If I’m tired, I have a cup of coffee. It really picks me up.

12. to receive a radio or television signal. For example:

My radio is really good. It can pick up signals from over 300 kilometres away.

Signals from over 300 kilometres away can be picked up by my radio. (passive voice)

As I mentioned before, tomorrow will be the third and last entry for “pick up” in which I’ll go over three more definitions which are intransitive. As a reminder, intransitive means that the verb of the sentence does NOT take an object.

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