intransitive phrasal verb: come around


I have another phrasal verb for you today but, don’t worry, it doesn’t have as many meanings as “pick up”. Today’s expression is “come around”, and it only has three meanings.

1. for someone to change their thinking and start to support someone. For example:

At first, my mother wouldn’t support my decision to start my own company, but eventually she came around.

A: Dad really hates my fiancee! He says he won’t come to our wedding.

B: Don’t worry! Your father can be stubborn sometimes, but he’ll come around.

2. for someone to gain consciousness again. For example:

My sister fainted, but she came around after we sprinkled water on her face.

Oscar fainted! Everybody please stand back! He’s coming around now!

3. to visit someone’s home. For example:

We really enjoy talking to you, so please come around whenever you have time.

Mom, my friend Rob might come around this weekend. Is that ok with you?

So all of these examples are intransitive which means that there is no object in the sentence.

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