adjective: sensitive


Today, I would like to write about another common adjective: “sensitive”. It has three main meanings.

1. for some part of a person’s body to be easily damaged or irritated. For example:

My skin is very sensitive to the sun, so I get a sunburn easily.

My eyes are sensitive to light, so I have to wear sunglasses if it’s a bright day.

I have a really sensitive stomach. If any food is even a little spicy, I get a stomachache.

2. for a person to be very easily hurt by someone else’s words. For example:

Why did you call Teresa fat? You know how sensitive she is about her weight!

Wow, that girl is really sensitive! I just said I didn’t like her dress and she started crying.

My husband is too sensitive. If you criticize him even a little, he gets very upset.

3. for a person to consider other people’s feelings. For example:

My sister wants to find a boyfriend who’s kind and sensitive. Her last boyfriend never thought about her feelings at all.

Bill hasn’t been very nice recently but his wife is sick, so we have to be sensitive when talking to him.

The first two meanings of “sensitive” are a little negative, but the last meaning is positive. I hope that everyone understands how to use this word in all of its meanings now.


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