idiom: to have a lot on one’s plate


This week’s idiom is a commonly used expression in English: “to have a lot on one’s plate”. It is used to talk about a person who is very busy and has many things that they have to do. For example:

I’m afraid I don’t have time to write that report. I have a lot on my plate already. Maybe Lance can do it.

My sister has a lot on her plate these days. She’s got two kids, a full-time job and she does a lot of volunteer work. I don’t know how she does it all.

A: I can help you plan the office party if you want.

B: Don’t you have a lot on your plate already with the ABC project?

A: Well, I’m a little busy with that, but I still have time to help you.

This expression can be used in both work and free time situations, so it’s quite flexible.


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  1. rally Said:

    hi teacher, how’re you going?

    I’m Japanese who have been learning English for less 2 years. I found your article from Mixi a little while ago. I think your blog’s articles are very good and useful for a person who wants to learn English like me:D I think your articles will make me get many knowledge in English.

    thanks. please keep posting from now as well.^-^

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