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adjective: cheesy


The adjective I have for you today is a rather young word. I would say that people only started saying it in the last 30 years or so. The word is “cheesy”, and it is used when we want to talk about some kind of entertainment which is of poor quality and makes people laugh although that is not the intention. For example:

I don’t like movies directed by Bruce Walters because the dialogue in them is really cheesy.

I’m not a fan of the singer Tom Johnson. He wears ridiculous clothes and platform shoes. Also, he sings in a really cheesy way. I can’t stand him.

People in India really enjoy Bollywood movies, but the films seem kind of cheesy to people outside of India.

I  like the old Batman TV show. It was incredibly cheesy, but it was fun.

For the most part, the word “cheesy” is negative, but it can be neutral in meaning sometimes, as in the last example. In this case, the person thought the cheesiness of the show was fun. However, even though the person thought it was fun, they would still consider the show of lower quality if they called it “cheesy”.

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