grammatical expression: easier said than done


Today’s expression is “easier said than done”, and the meaning is probably quite obvious to you. It is used when we talk about accomplishing something which is easy to talk about but difficult to do. For example:

My doctor told me I have to quit smoking. That’s easier said than done. I’ve tried to quit before, but I couldn’t.

A: All you have to do to get into ABC University is get an A in your math course.

B: Well, that’s easier said than done. I’m not very good at math.


A: The city government needs to fix all the problems with the roads. There are so many potholes!

B: That’s easier said than done. There isn’t much money in the budget now, and there are many other problems that need to be solved as well.

This expression is often used as a response to another person’s statement, as in the last two examples. It’s a very common and useful expression, so I hope you’ll be able to use it now.


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