adjective: sensible


Today, I would like to go over the adjective “sensible”. It is used to talk about a person or action that shows good sense. Another way to say that is that the person or action shows logical thinking that will help avoid problems. For example:

Jill is a very sensible girl, so I’m sure she’ll choose a career that will allow her to earn a good salary.

My wife is very sensible when it comes to money, so we can save a lot every month.

You want to quit your job to become a musician?! Please be sensible! That would be a big mistake!

You didn’t bring a jacket with you when you went hiking? That wasn’t very sensible, was it?

Make sure you take a pair of sensible shoes with you on your trip. You’ll need shoes that will be comfortable.

In the last example, I used the word “sensible” to describe the shoes rather than the person or the action. This is a special case. We often say “sensible shoes” to talk about shoes which are flat and comfortable for the person to wear. We use the word “sensible” because the person’s action of wearing such shoes is logical and shows good sense.

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