adjectives: decisive/indecisive

We can use the adjectives for today to describe a person’s character. The first word is “decisive”, and the other is its opposite “indecisive”. We use “decisive” when we want to say someone has the ability to make decisions firmly and easily. We use “indecisive” when we want to say someone cannot make decisions easily. For example:

My father is a very decisive man. He never has any problems making up his mind.

Bill is decisive, but he can be very stubborn. Once he makes a decision, he usually refuses to change his mind.

I think the prime minister isn’t doing a bad job, but I wish he were more decisive.

I hate my boss because he’s lazy and indecisive! The company loses money because he wastes time making decisions.

I don’t know what to order from the menu. I’m sorry for being so indecisive today.

I used to be a lot more indecisive when I was younger. Now I can make up my mind much more easily.

So, the word “decisive” is positive and the word “indecisive” is negative. Be careful about the pronunciation of these words. We DON’T say /dee SEE siv/. Instead the word is pronounced /dee SAI siv/. And when we say the word “indecisive” we have to stress the “in”, so it’s /IN dee SAI siv/. If you want to hear a clear pronunciation of these words, I recommend using The Free Dictionary. The link for that site is on my blog.


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