inseparable phrasal verb: frown on

Today’s phrasal verb is “frown on” and it is used when we want to talk about when someone disapproves of something. In other words, when someone thinks a certain situation is not a good way to live. For example:

My mother frowns on couples who live together before marriage.

I used to frown on drinking alcohol, but now I sometimes like to drink.

A: Don’t your parents frown on you being a rock musician?

B: No, they think it’s cool.

This expression is a little formal but not extremely.


  1. ALVIN Said:

    what is the difference between tease and pull the leg some people say tease pull the leg

    • Hi there.

      To pull someone’s leg means to lie to them as a joke. However, to tease someone means to remind them of something embarrassing to make them feel
      uncomfortable. Teasing someone can be either as a joke or in order to be unkind.

      Thanks for your question.


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