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intransitive phrasal verb: stand out

The phrasal verb this week is “stand out”, and it is used in three similar but slightly different ways:

1. for someone to be better than other people in a noticeable way. For example:

There were a lot of great actors in the cast, but I think Tricia really stood out.

I went to a ballet last night. All the dancers were good, but the ballerinas from Russia really stood out.

2. for something to be more noticeable than other things. For example:

I love the painting of the windmill. It really stands out in the art collection.

I bought this necklace because it really stood out in the store display case. The design is so original.

3. for someone to be noticeable (sometimes used with “in a crowd”). For example:

Brenda loves to wear bright colors. She always stands out in a crowd.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find Karl easily at the station in Tokyo.  He’s a very big guy, so he tends to stand out in Asia.

This phrasal verb is intransitive which means that it doesn’t take an object.

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