separable phrasal verb: bowl over


Today, I would like to write about the phrasal verb “bowl over”.  We use it when we want to talk about something or someone which really impresses us. For example:

I had no idea Sarah was such a good singer. She really bowled me over when we went to karaoke last night!

The special effects in that movie absolutely bowled me over! I want to go see it again.

The people in Korea are so nice. My friend and I went there last year, and they bowled us over with their hospitality!

I was bowled over by the food in that restaurant! We have to go there for dinner sometime! (passive voice)

So, we always say bowl someone over; a person and not a thing has to be put in the middle position between “bowl” and “over”. The thing or person which impresses us is always the subject of the sentence.


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