grammatical expression: fed up with

Today’s expression looks like a phrasal verb but actually is used like an adjective. For this reason, I’ve decided to write about it as a grammatical expression. It is to be “fed up”, and it is often followed by the preposition “with”. It is used when we want to talk about a bad situation that we have had to tolerate, but we don’t want to tolerate anymore. For example:

I’m really fed up with my boss! He’s always making me work on Sundays. I’m going to quit my job.

I’m fed up with the way this house looks! It’s so dirty and messy! We have to really clean it up.

I’m getting fed up with my friend’s attitude towards my boyfriend. I know she doesn’t like him.

My sister is divorcing her husband. She got fed up with the terrible way he treated her. She’s much happier now.

So as you can see from my examples, we can use the verbs “to be” or “to get” in front of this expression. That is why it functions as an adjective.

When we say “I’m fed up.”, it means we can no longer tolerate the situation and that we will do something to change it.. When we say “I’m getting fed up.”, it means we are still tolerating the situation but will probably soon want to change it. When we say “I got fed up.”, it means that we have already changed the bad situation.


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