grammatical word: dump

I have another word for you today which has a few different meanings. It can be used as a verb or a noun.

The main meaning of the verb, to “dump” is to discard something in a fast and careless way. For example:

My son dumped his toys on his bedroom floor. I told him to pick them up and put them away properly.

A big truck just dumped a load of dirt in the middle of the street. We’d better call someone to get it cleaned up.

I hate people who litter! A lot of people in this city just dump their garbage anywhere they like.

Another meaning of this verb is to break up with someone that you’re dating. For example:

Peter is really upset right now because his girlfriend just dumped him.

I’ve dumped a lot of people, but nobody has ever dumped me.

I think my girlfriend is going to dump me. I’m really worried about it!

This way of using “dump” is quite casual and should only be used with friends.

As a noun, the word “dump” refers to the place where a city’s garbage is taken and piled up. In this case, we always says “the dump”. For example:

I threw away those old dishes last week. I’m sure they’re at the dump by now.

I was driving past the dump yesterday and it smells so bad! I think the city should burn the garbage instead.

It can also be used to talk about a person’s home which is very cheap and of low quality. In this case, we always say “a dump”. For example:

I hate my apartment! It’s such a dump! The problem is I can’t afford to get a better place.

Did you see where Cheryl is living now? The place is a real dump! There are cracks all over the walls and it smells really bad!

This meaning of the noun “dump” is quite slang and should never be used directly to someone to talk about their home.


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