adjective: gullible

This week’s adjective is the word “gullible”. It is used to talk about a person who easily accepts or believes anything others tell them. These people can be easily tricked by people who want to deceive them. For example:

I told my friend that I used to date Angelina Jolie, and he believed me! He’s so gullible!

I used to be quite gullible when I was younger, but now I’m quite skeptical about what people tell me.

My cousin bought this machine because a salesman told her it would make her lose 20 kg in one week! How gullible can you be?!

You bought this necklace because someone told you it will bring good luck? Don’t be so gullible! I think you’ve just wasted your money!

This word is quite negative in tone, so be careful about using it with people directly. Also, adults would only use this when talking about other adults, but we don’t use it when talking about children.

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