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idiom: to turn over a new leaf


Today, I’d like to write about the idiom “turn over a new leaf”. We use this expression when we want to talk about a person making a major change in their lives as a way of improving themselves and becoming a better person. Here are some examples of how to use it in sentences.

I’ve treated my wife very badly in the past, and now I feel terrible about that. I promise that I’m going to turn over a new leaf.

Bill used to be one of the laziest employees at our company, but he’s turned over a new leaf recently. Now he works so hard!

You never exercise and eat too much junk food! You also smoke and drink too much. If you don’t turn over a new leaf, you’re going to get sick!

I thought this expression referred to a leaf on a tree, but apparently it does not. Instead, it refers to the pages of a book which are sometimes called leaves. Therefore, to “turn over a new leaf” means to turn to a new page in a book. I think the book represents our lives and when we turn the page or “turn over a new leaf” it means we are moving to a new and better place.

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