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grammatical expression: in no time


Today, I’d like to write about the short expression “in no time”. We use it when we want to say that something will happen very quickly. Let me give you some ways to use it in sentences.

If we take the bullet train, we’ll get to Osaka in no time.

I just bought some new kitchen machines. Now I can prepare dinner in no time.

If you study French at this school, you’ll be fluent in no time.

This car repair shop is great. They fixed my car’s engine in no time at all.

We only use this expression in grammatically positive sentences.

Sometimes, we add “at all” to the end of this expression. This is done to emphasize it and make it stronger. This is the case of my fourth example.

This is an example of exaggeration in English because, obviously, any action will take at least a little time to be accomplished.

Please note that we always use the word “no” in this expression instead of “not”. Generally, we use “no” in front of a noun, and we use “not” in front of a verb or adjective.

This expression can be used in both casual business situations and daily conversations.

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