transitive phrasal verbs: mark up / mark down


Today, I have two phrasal verbs which are the opposite of each other – “mark up” means to increase the price of something, and “mark down” means to decrease the price of something. For example:

I haven’t shopped in that store since they marked up their prices.

The prices in that store have been marked up, so I don’t shop there anymore. (passive voice)

The airlines always mark up their prices during holidays.

The price of this computer wasn’t so high last month. Why did you mark it up?

We’ll have to mark down our prices if we want to stay competitive.

Our prices will have to be marked down if we want to stay competitive. (passive voice)

The price of this lamp is a little high. Could you mark it down for me?

I really like that store, but it’s so expensive. I wish they would mark down their prices.

As you can see, we usually use these phrasal verbs with the word “price”. These phrasal verbs are often used in business situations.

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