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adjective: feasible


Today I have another adjective for you: “feasible”. This is used to talk about something which possible to do under certain circumstances. For example:

We don’t have much money in the budget, so I don’t think doing such a big project is feasible right now.

I need to get the office redecorated in less than a week. Do you think it’s feasible to do that?

You want to put four desks in this small room? It might be feasible to put in three desks but not four.

I like your plan to bring in new business. I think it’s very feasible, but let’s see what the boss thinks.

So, as you can see from the examples, we often use this adjective in business situations. We could use the word “possible” in these situations, but the word “feasible” sounds much more business-like. You can use “possible” in situations which are more casual.

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