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grammatical expression: can’t wait

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Today, I’d like to write about a very common expression we use in English: “can’t wait”. It is used when talking about things that will happen in the future that we are very excited about. It means that we are really looking forward to a particular event in the future. For example:

I can’t wait to see the new Johnny Depp movie! It’s supposed to be really good!

I can’t wait to go to Paris on my vacation! I’ve just booked my flight. I’m so excited!

My sister is almost finished her degree. She can’t wait until she finally graduates.

I can’t wait until this day is over! It has been such a bad day!

The last two examples indicate a strong desire for something to be over because the present situation is negative. Even in these cases, we use this expression because the person is excited and looking forward to the future, which they think will be positive.

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