grammatical expression: be that as it may


Hi there everyone! I’m now  back from my vacation, so I’ll be going back to my regular schedule of writing five or six blog enties a week. For today’s entry, I’d like to go over the expression: “be that as it may”. This expression is used when we want to say that even though something is true, we don’t care about that or that it doesn’t matter to the present situation. For example:

A: I want to pay for your lunch today. You paid for mine yesterday.

B: Be that as it may, I’m still going to buy you lunch because it’s your birthday.


A: Why is Martin getting the promotion? He’s only been here for six months!

B: Be that as it may, he’s still the best person for this job.


A: You’re going to go on another vacation? You just had one about two months ago.

B: Be that as it may, I’m going on another one. I’m really stressed out right now.


A: You want us to work overtime again this weekend?! That’s not fair. We worked overtime last weekend!

B: Be that as it may, we need to get this project finished by Monday.

As you can see, this expression is usually used as a response to someone’s statement. By using this expression, we are saying that the statement is true, but it doesn’t matter. This expression is a little formal, so it is often used in business situations. If you use it in regular conversations, you will sound very educated!  🙂

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