adjective: shallow


The adjective I would like to write about this week is “shallow”. It has two meanings in English.

1. for some kind of liquid (usually water) to not be deep. For example:

The water in the swimming pool is very shallow, so you don’t have to be scared of drowning.

The lake is very shallow around the edge, but about ten meters in the lake floor becomes much deeper.

2. for a person to only care about surface things such as beauty or money. For example:

Lucy is a really shallow woman. She won’t date any guys who aren’t rich.

Jeremy is extremely shallow. He only dates women who are very beautiful. Most of his girlfriends are really dumb, but he doesn’t care about that.

Another word that has the same meaning as “shallow”‘s second meaning is “superficial”. However, the word “shallow” sounds slightly more casual and conversational than “superficial”.

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