grammatical word: hog


Today I have a fun word for you: “hog”. Some of you may know this word as a noun; the noun “hog” is an animal which is similar to a pig, only bigger. However, we can also use this word as a verb. The verb “hog”  is used when we want to talk about someone keeping something all for themselves and not sharing it with other people. For example:

Hey, stop hogging all the peanuts! The rest of us would like some too!

Mom! Peter is hogging all the toys! Tell him to stop it!

I hate going to karaoke with Janet because she always hogs the microphone.

When we use the word “hog” as a verb, it’s a little casual but it’s quite commonly used. We don’t usually usually use it in business situations unless we’re talking to someone in a casual way.

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