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adjective: stuck up

It’s Wednesday today, and that means it’s time for another adjective. The word for today is actually a combination of two words: “stuck up”. It is used when we want to talk about a person who is snobby and conceited. In other words, someone who thinks he or she is better than other people. For example:

I tried to ask Tammy out, but she wouldn’t even talk to me. She’s so stuck up because she’s pretty.

The kids that go to private schools tend to be a little stuck up, so I don’t want my son to go to a private school. I want him to be more down-to-earth.

Ever since Bill got a promotion, he’s gotten a bit stuck up. It’s a shame because he used to be such a nice guy.

A: I saw an interview with the famous model Helen Jacobson on TV yesterday, and she came across as really stuck up.

B: That shouldn’t be such a surprise. I think most models are stuck up.

So, we often use this word to describe people who think they’re better than others based on the way they look, but it’s possible to use it based on other things like money and education.

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