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grammatical word: dread

I have a useful and interesting word for you today; it’s the verb “dread”.

The meaning is the opposite of “look forward to”. So when we say we are looking forward to something, it means that we are excited and interested about something we are going to do in the future. Therefore, when we say we are dreading something, it means that the activity is one which we have to do but really don’t want to do. For example:

I have a dental appointment tomorrow, and I’m really dreading it! I hate going to the dentist!

My mother-in-law is coming for a visit during the holiday. I always dread her visits because she doesn’t like me.

My annual work performance evaluation is next week. I’m really dreading it because my boss always gives me extra work to do afterwards.

I was dreading my blind date last night, but it wasn’t so bad. We actually liked each other and have another date next week.

This word is always used for negative situations. However, if we say “I was dreading…but…” (as in the last example) it means that we were expecting the situation to be bad, but it was surprisingly good.

If you’re not sure, a blind date is a date with a person you’ve never met before; the date is arranged by another person. In Western culture, people often dread blind dates because they don’t know what the other person’s personality or appearance is like.

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