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grammatical word: make (part 1)

Recently, I wrote a series of blogs about the verb “get”. I’d like to do the same thing today with the verb “make”. Here are the first few ways in which we can use “make”:

1. to create something. For example:

My sister makes her own clothes. I think they look really nice.

I made this table in high school, and my parents still use it in their house.

2. to prepare a meal. For example:

I’ll make you some scrambled eggs for breakfast.

I don’t feel like making dinner tonight. Let’s go out instead.

3. to fold the covers neatly on a bed after sleeping in it. For example:

I make my bed every morning, so it always looks neat.

My mother got mad at me because I forgot to make my bed.

4. to use a telephone to call someone. For example:

I have a few phone calls to make. Would you please excuse me?

I made a few calls yesterday to people I know, and I found someone who can give you a job.

5. to earn money. For example:

How much money do you make?

I didn’t make much money last year, so I need to find a better paying job.

6. to get new friends. For example:

I want to make some new friends.

My sister is very shy, so she finds it difficult to make friends.

7. to score a point in a sports game. For example:

Jim Peterson just made an amazing goal! Did you see it?

The Dallas Cowboys need to make this touchdown in order to win the game.

8. to reach a decision. For example:

I’ve made the decision to quit my job and go back to school.

Which restaurant shall we go to? I’m really hungry, so can we please make a decision now?

These are the first few ways we can use the verb “make”. I’ll continue with this series next week.

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