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separable phrasal verb: creep out


This week’s phrasal verb is “creep out”, and it is used when we want to talk about a person or a place which makes us feel uncomfortable and a little scared. For example:

I don’t like the new guy in the office. His behavior is very strange, and he really creeps me out!

A: Why don’t you like Gary?

B: Because he’s always staring at the girls in the office, and it’s creeping everyone out!

Everyone say the Foster’s house is haunted. I don’t believe in ghosts but, I have to admit, that house creeps me out!

We don’t want to walk through the cemetery. That place really creeps us out!

So, as you can see from the examples, we always use this expression with a person like “me”, “everyone”, “the girls”, etc. If you don’t know the word “stare”, as in my second example, it means to look at someone for a long time. The picture I’ve selected today is an example of that.

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