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grammatical word: take (part 1)

I’ve already written about the common verbs “get” and “make” in my blog and today, I’d like to write about another one: “take”. Just as with the other verbs, there are several ways in which we can use “take”.

1. to put something into one’s possession. For example:

Please take one of these samples. They’re free!

I took this flyer from the stand in front of your store. I hope that’s ok.

2. to grip another person’s hand. For example:

Take my hand so that we don’t get separated in the crowd.

In the last scene of the movie, the boy took his father’s hand and they went back into their house.

3. to put air into one’s body. For example:

Take a deep breath before you dive into the water.

If you start to panic, just take deep breaths and that will calm you down.

4. to surprise someone. For example:

The ending of the movie really took me by surprise.

I was really taken by surprise when I found out that Nick had quit his job. (passive voice)

5. to write down notes when listening to something. For example:

Do we have to take notes during the lecture?

I took notes during the lesson. I can make you a copy of them if you like.

6. to sit down. For example:

Please take a seat and we’ll get started.

As soon as I took my seat, the play started.

7. to bring someone to a place. For example:

I’m going to take my friend to the museum to see the new exhibition.

My children want me to take them to Disneyland this weekend.

8. to react to a piece of news. For example:

How did Doug take it when you told him he was fired?

Sarah didn’t take it well when I told her I wanted to break up with her.

9. to measure someone’s temperature. For example:

My mother took my temperature this morning and said that I have a fever.

The nurse will take your temperature before the doctor sees you.

10. to require time in order to accomplish something. For example:

It takes time to get over a broken heart. You’ll feel better in a few months.

The project took more time than we had anticipated.

So these are the first ten ways in which we can use this verb. I’ll continue with “take” in next week’s blog for grammatical words.

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