adjective: efficient


Today, I’d like to write about another adjective: “efficient”. This is used to talk about people who are able to work quickly and not waste time. It can also be used when talking about a system. For example:

Tim is the most efficient member of our staff. He can do any job twice as quickly as anyone else.

Monica is much more efficient than she used to be. When she first started working here it took her a long time to get any job done.

I’ve heard that Germans are the most efficient people in the world. Is that true?

I’m very happy with your work. You always get it done very efficiently.

I like your new filing system. It’s much more efficient than your old one.

Our old accounting system was just as efficient as this new one. I don’t know why we changed it.

So these are some examples of how to use this adjective. As you can see, it’s very often used in business or office situations.

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