separable phrasal verb: nail down


Today’s phrasal verb is “nail down”,  and it means to set a fixed time or a fixed plan. For example:

I’d like to nail down where we will go for our honeymoon because I have to make the reservations soon.

The place where we’re going on our honeymoon has finally been nailed down. (passive voice)

When I nail down the dates for my vacation, I’ll let you know.

Have we nailed down a place to have the office party yet?

A: First, you said we’d have the meeting at 9:00, and then you said it would be at 10:00! Can we please nail it down?

B: Ok, it will be at 10:00 for sure.

This phrasal verb is often used in business situations, but it can also be used when talking about making arrangements in your free time. The important thing to know is that BEFORE we nail something down, there are some options to choose from, but we haven’t chosen which one we want yet. AFTER we have chosen the one we want, we use “nail down” to express that the decision has been made.


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