adjective: articulate


The adjective “articulate” is used to describe a person who can express themselves very well, usually in their native language. These people usually have a large vocabulary and can use it very well when they are speaking. Examples of people who SHOULD be articulate (but who often are not) are politicians, lawyers and university professors. Here are some examples of how to use this adjective:

Many people consider President Obama to be the most articulate president of the United States in recent years.

Lawyers on TV dramas are always very articulate during the courtrooms scenes. I wonder if real lawyers are just as articulate.

My English literature professor at university was such an articulate speaker! He could always explain the details of the novels we were studying in such an impressive way!

As I mentioned, the word “articulate” is usually used for people who are speaking their native language. When we are talking about people who can express themselves well in a foreign language, we usually use the adjective “fluent”.

Also, you should be aware about the pronunciation of this word. Because the word ends in -ate and is an adjective, the pronunciation is /ar TIK kyu lit/.  It is NOT /ar TIK kyu late/. Please remember that all adjectives ending in -ate have the pronunciation of /it/.


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