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adjective: skeptical

Skeptical Baby Temp

Today I’d like to write about the adjective “skeptical”. It is used to talk about a person having a doubt about someone or something. For example:

I’m very skeptical that the prime minister will lower taxes like he said he would.

Jack said he would help me move this weekend, but I’m pretty skeptical that he’ll actually do it. He usually breaks his promises.

Some people are skeptical about global warming, but I think it’s true.

A: I don’t think Henry will do a good job on this project.

B: Don’t be so skeptical. I have faith in him.

As I mentioned before, “skeptical” is used about people having a doubt, so we say a person is skeptical about someone or something. We DON’T say the situation is skeptical, so we CANNOT say that “Global warming is skeptical.”; we must say, “I’m skeptical about global warming.”

By the way, for the record, I’m NOT skeptical about global warming. I think it’s true.

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