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idiom: to be hit and miss


I hope everyone is having a great Sunday. The idiom for this week is “to be hit and miss”. It is used to talk about either the quality of something or a person’s rate of success at something. When we use this expression, we are saying the the quality of something is sometimes good and sometimes bad, or that someone is sometimes successful at doing something and sometimes not. For example:

The quality of the food at this restaurant is very hit and miss, so I’d rather go somewhere else.

These days, the quality of Jim Harmon’s movies is really hit and miss. He used to make consistently good films though.

Drew Littleton’s game is really hit and miss right now. He used to be a much better golfer.

Chris used to be the top salesman at ABC Company, but nowadays his sales performance is extremely hit and miss.

When we use this expression, it’s very common to add the words “very”, “really”, or “extremely” at the beginning of the idiom. If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

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