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grammatical expression: for good


I have a short and simple entry for you today about another common expression: “for good”. This basically has the same meaning as the word “forever”. For example:

Next year, I plan to move back to my hometown for good.

I have a part-time job on Sundays for the moment, but I’m not planning to keep it for good. I want to quit it in about a year.

When I get married, I want to stay married for good. Too many of my friends are divorced.

A: Is your brother going to stay in Australia for good?

B: I think so. He just married an Australian woman and says he wants to settle down there.

The expression “for good” is more casual than “forever” and is used to describe personal situations. The word “forever” sounds more formal and is usually used in less personal situations. For example:

The dinosaurs died out thousands of years ago, and now they are gone forever.

We could say “They are gone for good.”, but it sounds too casual for this situation.

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