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adjective: picky


The adjective for this week is “picky”. It is used to describe people who are hard to please about something, so they are very selective about it. For example:

My best friend is such a picky eater. There are so many things that he refuses to eat.

Evelyn is extremely picky when it comes to men. That’s why she’s usually single.

I’m very picky about the people that I hire for my company. They must all be well-educated and have a good personality.

We can also use “picky” to talk about someone who is very focused on the details of a situation. For example:

My French teacher is very picky. She corrects even the smallest mistakes that the students make.

When you make your business cards, make sure you select a good font. Some people think it’s a picky detail, but I think it’s very important.

In the case of the second meaning of “picky”, we can use it to talk about the person or the detail. However, in the first meaning, we only use it to talk about the person. In both cases, the word is a little negative in tone. We can say, “I’m picky.” and that’s ok because we are talking about ourselves, but if we say, “You’re picky.”, it’s a little rude and some people might get upset.

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