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grammatical expression: talk about…


Today’s expression is another common one which is only used in casual conversations. It is “talk about…”, and it is used when we want to express our feelings about someone or something in a stronger way. It’s similar in use to “What a” + adjective + noun  or “How…” + adjective. For example:

My friend just took me out for an expensive lunch for no special reason. Talk about a nice guy!

Sam always works at least until 10:00 pm every night, and sometimes on weekends. Talk about a hard worker!

I just saw a girl throw up all over someone on the subway. Talk about disgusting!

I had a meeting yesterday that lasted for five hours! Talk about boring!

As I mentioned before, this is similar to “What a…” or “How…”, so the examples above mean the same thing as “What a nice guy!”, “What a hard worker!”, “How disgusting!” and “How boring!” The difference is that “Talk about…” is more casual and I think more commonly used.

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