grammatical expression: I take it…


Today’s grammatical expression is another commonly used one which uses a verb with many meanings – “take”. In this case, the expression is “I take it…” It is used when we want to say that we assume some information to be true based on something another person has just said. For example:

A: My girlfriend wants me to go dancing with her! Uh! I can’t believe it!

B: I take it you don’t like to dance then.


A: It’s so hard to find shoes that fit my husband.

B: He’s got large feet, I take it.


A: My daughter started screaming when I put her into the swimming pool.

B: I take it she’s afraid of water.


A: Hi there! I just got back from from vacation.

B: Well, you’re smiling and look very relaxed, so I take it you had a good time.

Sometimes, as in the last example, the clue that we receive can be visual instead of something that the person says. In the last example, the second person assumes the first person had a good time based on the way the first person looks.


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