grammatical word: blow

Today’s word is another verb which has various meanings and uses in the English language; the word is “blow”. Let me go over the various meanings for you.

1. for someone to force breath out of their mouth. For example:

If the soup is too hot, just blow on it. That should make it cool enough to eat.

To make the wheel turn on this toy you just have to blow on it.

2. for a person to expel mucus from their nose. For example:

You have a runny nose now. Take this tissue and blow your nose with it.

I hate it when people blow their noses really loudly in public.

3. for the wind to produce currents of air. For example:

The wind was blowing really strongly last night.

A light breeze is blowing now, so it’s a bit cooler than it was before.

4. for a tire to suddenly burst. For example:

One of the front tires of my car blew while I was driving to work this morning.

The tires on your car are really old. I hope they don’t blow while we’re driving to the mountains.

5. for a person to make a mistake and ruin an opportunity. For example:

I had a chance to date Sarah, but I asked her out while I was drunk. Now she won’t even talk to me. I really blew it.

If you pass this test, you can get into a really good university, so don’t blow it.

6. for a person to waste their money on something. For example:

My brother is so stupid. He goes to the bar every weekend and blows all his money on beer and gambling.

I blew my entire paycheck last month on a new flat screen TV, so now I don’t have enough money for my rent.

7. for a situation to be really unpleasant or bad. For example:

This party blows! Let’s go somewhere else and have some fun.

I think that new TV show totally blows! I watched one episode, and it was so stupid!

Please be aware that this last meaning for “blow” is only used in the present tense and is very casual. It should NOT be used in a formal or business situation. However, the other meanings can be used in any situation.


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