adjective: obnoxious

I have a nice short entry for you today. The adjective for this week is “obnoxious”, and it can be used to describe a very annoying person whose behavior is extremely offensive or irritating. For example:

A: Frank was so obnoxious at the party last night. He kept yelling in people’s ears and spilling drinks on them.

B: He must have been drunk. He’s always obnoxious like that when he gets drunk.

There were some really obnoxious kids sitting next to us at the restaurant last night. They were running around and screaming the whole time. I hate kids like that!

I hate Carla. She really looks down on me because I didn’t go to university. The other day, she tried to embarrass me by asking me questions she knew I wouldn’t know the answers to. She’s so obnoxious!

This word is quite strong and is usually only used about people. If you want to use a softer word, you can say “annoying”.

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