inseparable phrasal verb: cheat on


This week’s phrasal verb is “cheat on”, and it is used when we want to talk about a person having a romantic or sexual relationship with another person who is not their romantic partner. For example:

Bill is going to divorce his wife because she was cheating on him.

I think my husband is cheating on me. Last night, he came home really late, and there was lipstick on his shirt collar.

If my boyfriend ever cheated on me, I would break up with him right away.

Peter’s girlfriend would never cheat on him. She loves him so much.

So, with this expression, it doesn’t matter if the person is married or just dating, but they must be in a romantic relationship.



  1. Dan Said:


    can you talk about the pronunciation, what is the difference between for example sheet, shit, cheap. Cheap has a little /t/ sound, right?

    Thank you in advance,


    • Hi Dan.

      The difference in pronunciation between words like “sheet” and “shit” is how long you hold the vowel sound. “Sheet” has a long sound like eeeeeee, but the vowel sound in “shit” has a short and fast sound. As for “cheap”, it has the same long vowel sound that “sheet” does, but the /ch/ sound does have more of a /t/ sound, you’re right about that. If you’re not sure about the pronunciation, I recommend using The Free Dictionary. There is a pronunciation icon and when you click on it for any word, you can hear a recording of the word with natural pronunciation.

      Thanks for your question.


      • Daniel Said:

        Thank you so much Mike.

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