grammatical expression: end of story

Today’s grammatical expression is “end of story”. It is used when we make a statement about something and we feel there is nothing more to be said about it. This is because we think the statement contains such truth that nobody could argue against it. For example:

Angelo’s Pizza Shop has the best pizza in this city. End of story.

If you invest in this company, you’ll make a lot of money. End of story.

People who are happy don’t treat other people badly. End of story.

A: Why did Oscar buy that car? It’s so old and ugly.

B: He bought it because it was cheap, and he hates to spend money. End of story.

This expression is generally used in conversation or in casual writing, but we don’t usually use it in formal writing. We can use this expression to express a personal opinion that we believe strongly or something that is considered a universal truth, as in my third example.

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