adjective: down-to-earth

DownToEarth (3)

Today I have a good adjective to describe someone’s personality – “down-to earth”. It is used to describe a person who doesn’t have any qualities that would make it difficult to talk to them. People who are “down-to-earth”  have a lot of common sense, and it’s easy for regular people to relate to them. For example:

I don’t like Jeremy anymore. Before he went to university, he was so down-to-earth and fun, but now he just talks about philosophy. I can’t relate to him at all now.

I would describe my husband as very down-to-earth. It’s easy to talk to him, so he has a lot of friends.

I really like Tom Hanks. Other actors seem really pretentious and conceited, but he seems really down-to-earth. I feel like he’s someone I could have a beer with.

I hope the meaning of this adjective is clear. It’s very commonly used to describe people’s personalities in English.


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