grammatical word: bug


The word “bug” in English is commonly used in casual conversations. It can be used as a noun and as a verb. As a noun, it’s a more casual word for “insect”. For example:

So many bugs get into my house in the summer. I really hate them!

Some kind of bug bit me, and now I have a mark on my skin.

My son likes to catch bugs and put them in a jar.

As a verb, it has the same meaning as to “bother” someone. For example:

I hope I’m not bugging you, but I really need your help with my project.

What’s bugging Jennifer? She’s in a really bad mood today.

It really bugs me when people cut in line or spit on the street.

As I mentioned already, this word is used in casual conversations. If you want to sound more formal, you should use “insect” or “bother”.


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