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grammatical word: gloat

Today, I’d like to write about the verb “gloat”. We use it when we want to talk about  a person who indicates that they are happy to win when competing with another person. We also use it when one person is proven to be right when arguing with another person and they show that they feel happy about being right. For example:

Ken won the tennis game I played with him. He couldn’t stop smiling about it. I hate it when he gloats like that!

Yesterday, my girlfriend was gloating so much. We had a disagreement about what the tallest waterfall in the world is. She said it was the Angel Falls in Venezuela, and she was right.

A: I told you I could beat you at chess, and I did!

B: Oh, stop gloating! You were just lucky!

My friend always gloats when he can answer a trivia question that we can’t. I wish he wouldn’t do that.

The person who gloats can indicate a sense of happiness about being better by something that they say or with the expression on their face. In all cases, gloating is considered a negative thing to do.

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